Digital Nomads Thailand


Aiming to attract international talent whose expertise can play an important role in inspiring digital and tech startups and all other targeted industries to use modern smart technologies, the Thailand Board of Investment grants its “Smart Visa” to qualified professionals. Since 2018, professionals and their family members who pass the …

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Like a summer camp for adults

About 300 miles off the coast of Morocco, a small archipelago appears to be the Portuguese version of the classic Hawaiian getaway. On the one hand, there is a remarkable cultural bond between Madeira and its Pacific counterpart: immigrants from this autonomous region of Portugal introduced the ukulele to Hawaii …

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Is the party over for Bali’s digital nomads?

Sstand still at all times in Bali and you will hear a constant stream of scooter engines, roaring chuckles and crows of free-range chickens, sizzling street carts cooking local treats like gorengan and térang boulan, a myriad of tongues of enthusiastic tourists sailing to the nearest beach alongside local communities …

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