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Top 10 sustainable places in the world

Traveling is not only about seeing the wonders of the earth, but also about understanding our impact on it. More and more frequently, people seek to move from being a “tourist” to that of a “conscious traveler” by finding ways to maximize the positive impacts on the places they visit. …

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Thailand urges wealthy expats to boost economy

BANGKOK (Bangkok Post) – The firm has given the green light to an economic stimulus and investment promotion plan aimed at attracting wealthy foreigners and highly qualified professionals from abroad to help revive the economy after Covid-19. Benefits of the package include a 10-year Thai visa not only for approved …

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Are expats tempted by Thailand?

When Brits think about retiring or moving abroad, more often than not, picturesque landscapes of beaches with cloudless skies are cited as their desired features. While the usual suspects of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy still top the list, many have looked further for a place in the sun. And …

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