Cape Town, the new “it” place for digital nomads

Cape Town – A recent study by the global rental housing platform Nestpick named Cape Town one of the best cities in the world for remote workers, with a higher score than New York, Athens and Barcelona on the list of 75 cities.

In light of this, James Vos, Mayco Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, called on the national government to extend the duration of the remote work visa as digital nomads / remote workers generally stay longer. three months (the current duration) in a destination.

“Our proposal is that an amendment be made to Article 11 of the Immigration Law, which concerns an extension of visas beyond 90 days for specific activities. Research shows remote workers stay longer than 90 days in one location, so we suggest, to accommodate foreign remote workers, that a longer visa application be included under the Immigration Act. .

“As part of our proposal, applicants will need to provide proof of employment and sufficient income from abroad. It will also ban the applicant’s professional activities in South Africa, which means he will not take jobs from the locals, ”Vos said.

Vos said a webinar on remote working was organized by the city to bring together stakeholders from major tourism and hotel organizations to share information on the evolution of remote workers since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Participants included the Federated Hotel Association of Southern Africa (Fedhasa), Cape Town Tourism, Work Wanderers, an immigration lawyer and the My Place Marketing team from the city’s business and investment department.

Fedhasa Chairman and President Hotel Executive Director Jeremy Clayton said there are very few destinations like South Africa in the world, so it is important to capitalize on this new market and accelerate the growth of the digital nomadic space, with a collaborative approach of government and the private sector. ultimately, increase job creation and economic growth.

Andrae Smith, founder of Work Wanderers, a company aimed at helping people build careers online and travel the world as digital nomads, said nomads often seek accessibility, natural beauty and culture. – and Cape Town had it all, giving it the potential to be the new digital nomad hub.

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