Boundless Life secures $2 million seed round to help families transition to digital nomad lifestyle

Boundless claims no competition, targeting budding digital nomads with kids.

Boundless Life, headquartered in Montreal, secured $2 million in all-equity SAFE seed funding from a combination of venture capitalists, angel investors and labor unions.

“The work they were doing in a cubicle in an office can be done from anywhere, so why not explore the world?”
–Marcos Carvalho

US investment firm IDEA Fund Partners led the round, with participation from Anges Québec, Avalanche VC, CUBD Ventures, Massive VC, GV Angels, several founding families and investors in the real estate and education from Europe, North America, South America and Asia. .

Boundless has also received recognition checks from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital. Scout checks are provided by large funds for angel investors and operators to invest in a company or project they trust, allowing the venture capitalist to get to know the recipient company before its round of series A. Sequoia launched one of the first scouting programs over a decade ago, which has since been copied by other venture capitalists.

Launched in February by serial entrepreneurs Mauro Repacci and Marcos Carvalho, Boundless is aimed at families looking to transition into digital nomad lifestyles. Digital nomads are people who work remotely while simultaneously traveling around the world. Approaching this way of life can be complicated, especially with children. Boundless’ solution is to provide a network of “carefully designed” communities located in different parts of the globe where people can live and work, while children can continue their education in an education system that follows them wherever they go.

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Inspired by the Finnish school system, the Boundless program allows students aged 1 to 12 to participate in global cohorts where their studies are adapted to the culture of the country they are visiting.

All students’ school work and activities are documented in the Boundless Briefcase, a platform that collects children’s work that can be presented to secondary or post-secondary institutions upon graduation.

To provide a personalized experience, Boundless collects data from its users through multiple surveys before and during their travels. The company leverages their information, which includes families’ preferences for sports, properties, as well as medical needs, to “automate the transition to the nomadic lifestyle,” according to Carvalho.

Families can choose between different types of packages offered by Boundless, ranging from a month-long getaway to a full year.

Carvalho told BetaKit that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown people they can work wherever they want, leading them to rethink the future of work and education.

“Now people are really tired of staying in one place,” he said. “They realize they don’t need to live that nine to five [lifestyle]and that the work they used to do in a cubicle in an office can be done from anywhere, so why not explore the world? »

Carvalho also said that Boundless has no direct competition because the company positions itself in a niche market, targeting people who have children. He claimed that there are digital nomad services for families, but no one integrates an education system like Boundless.

Boundless isn’t Carvalho’s first startup. As a serial entrepreneur, he also co-founded NestReady with his Boundless co-founder Repacci. NestReady, which is a home relocation platform that matches people with their suitable neighborhoods, was acquired by Homebot last year. Boundless represents the third venture Repacci and Carvalho have worked on together.

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After building a number of different businesses, Carvalho and Repacci wanted to take a break and live a “no limits” lifestyle, but then realized it was complicated to do so with children.

To provide a solution, Carvalho and Repacci began working on Boundless in early 2020 and surveyed thousands of families to understand their transition needs to become digital nomads.

Now, Boundless operates in Sintra, Portugal, with the next location in Greece by June. By September, Boundless plans to operate in Tuscany and Spain by the end of the year. Carvalho said Boundless will begin exploring other destinations, such as Bali and Costa Rica, next year. The travel startup’s goal is to have 30 destinations in three years.

Backed by new funding, Boundless plans to expand its team with real estate experts around the world as well as educators.

Image courtesy of Boundless Life.

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