Big Brother 2020 recap: Kieran evades himself, taking cash prizes with him and Sophie is back in the game

Sophie is locked in the white room with Kieran and she is ANGER.

She engraves “Revenge is a Bitch” like a prison in the wall. These gymnasts are not kidding.

In the house, the boys – Mat, Dan and Chad – say how good it would be if it was “in the woods” in the last three. Sarah disagrees and frankly everyone does too.

In The White Room, Kieran tries to be funny and Sophie laughs. Dear lord, his mental state must really collapse.

Back in the house, there is a shopping challenge.

Camera iconDa wood in the house. Credit: Big brother / sept.

Big Brother has an upscale menu and $ 1,000 on the table to lose. There is a tennis ball which will shoot tennis balls anytime.

Roommates have to hit the balls. For every bullet they miss, they lose $ 10 of the $ 1000.

It is very difficult to hit the balls, but they manage to keep just under $ 500 which allows them to have a decent food budget and a phone call home.

Dan and Mat discuss the possibility of bringing Chad into the bottom three with them, as they believe that if Sarah is in the bottom three, she will likely win the audience vote.

They think that if the public has to vote between three identical guys, one of them could grab the $ 250,000 in a donkey vote.

Nomination challenge … or is it?

The winner will not be able to name but will be granted a mysterious “power”. What this power is will be revealed later.

There are colorful balls and a catapult. They must send the balls to four baskets.

Mat wins the challenge. What does this mean? … nobody knows.

Roommates are told that there will be no eviction tonight but that there will be a party and please dress accordingly.

In The White Room, Sophie gets lost a bit. Kieran stays … like Kieran.

Sophie wants to push that button so badly.
Camera iconSophie wants to push that button so badly. Credit: Big brother / seven

The roommates are enjoying their evening when suddenly images of The White Room appear on the screen.

Sonia shows up to speak to Sophie and Kieran in The White Room (via screen, Kruger doesn’t share tune with Housemates, ew). The roommates watch everything from the living room.

Sonia explains that only one person in The White Room will return to the house.

A sum of money will appear on a screen gradually increasing over the course of a minute.

Either Sophie or Kieran can activate their buzzer at any time during the minute and take the money home, or they cannot activate the buzzer and return home to the Big Brother house.

If neither of them presses the button, Mat chooses who returns to the house.

In addition, the buzzer money comes from the total prize pool. A little stingy, tbh.

Sophie decides she isn’t going to take the money. She’s an idiot. TAKE THE MONEY, SOPHIE.

Kieran pulls in at $ 15,344. The smartest move he’s ever made.

Sophie chose to go out with Chad instead of taking $ 15,000. To trick! Also, it means they are all fighting for $ 235,000.

Sophie comes back into the house. Chad and Sarah kiss him. Dan and Mat look devastated.

Wait for him to discover the footy.
Camera iconWait for him to discover the footy. Credit: Big brother / sept.

Mat spits it out and removes his microphone. Dan bursts into the newspaper room and says he wants to get out of the house. Big Brother puts them down.

So we’re in the final … five more? But now it’s anyone’s game.

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