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In these troubled times – with the Taliban takeover and global security concerns it’s not just about our pandemic becoming rampant – it’s easy to forget that it doesn’t take much to be a decent human being. Let the folks at Jigger & Pony remind us with their latest 62-page menuzine.

Designed for the experience of reconnecting with others, A Decent Menu offers a list of 24 cocktails (all at $ 25 ++ each), but the magazine’s stories and articles also explore what it means to be decent today.

Having lived as digital nomads before the hit of Covid-19, it’s no wonder we’re drawn to drinks that evoke a sense of belonging – an area where Jigger & Pony does well with members of the team from different parts of the world.

On the one hand, their interpretation of the Spumoni is a story of Italy meeting Japan in Singapore. Long, refreshing with a hint of Campari bitterness, this gin-based drink gets notes of citrus, green tea and Sancho pepper from Nikka Coffey Gin. The grapefruit soda then brings it together with a tangy lift.

You’ll find another sparkling option in Jasmine & Rice, a champagne cocktail inspired by Singapore’s tropical flower landscape that blooms year-round. The creaminess of the rice is balanced by the coconut and caramel notes of aged rum and the floral notes of jasmine tea – there is almost a zen feel.


If we’ve had you at tea, don’t miss the Soy Milk Punch either. Composed of oolong tea, clarified soy milk punch connects its tannins with those of the red wine float, resulting in a creamy mouthfeel, unlike the astringency you might expect. The use of Ki No Bi gin and the addition of lychee bring out beautiful aromatic and floral notes.

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We then head to Korea with a high version of somaek, more commonly known as the soju bomb in these regions. 15-year-old scotch joins artisanal soju (the brewery’s history dates back to the Joseon Dynasty) infused with hops and passion fruit to recreate the essentials of the Korean boilermaker. Served with a block of ice on the long spoon so that the drink can be ‘bombarded’, this is perhaps Jigger & Pony’s most fun cocktail to date.


Throughout the six months of developing this menu, the team has also found decent and like-minded partners in different industries. One particular fruit of the collaboration to enjoy is the Espresso Martini, showcasing the bar’s PPP Coffee blend (formerly known as Papa Palheta).

The cocoa tile filling is the metaphorical cherry on top, with its sweet-and-savory pastry flavors enhancing the full-bodied concoction of coffee and vodka.

The boozy drink of our evening was Sazerac black pepper, and boy, it was fierce. As part of Jigger & Pony’s efforts to recognize the importance of humble ingredients, the team managed to extract that spicy, intoxicating scent as well as the woodiness of black pepper.

Paired with Maker’s Mark 46 bourbon and Canadian Km12 gin with resinous and pine notes, this is a cocktail you will love or hate. Our proposal ? Share it with your friends at the table.


For sea bass bites, we highly recommend the Jamon Iberico Toast ($ 24, two pieces), where almost sweet nutty slices of nicely marbled ham sit on layers of salty stracciatella cheese, cultured butter, and milk bread. thick.

If you’re visiting the bar in a larger group, check out the selection of cold cuts (S $ 45) to share. Accompanied by slices of sourdough, our plate included coppa ham, spicy chorizo, pork terrine topped with cranberries and crisp oxtail rillettes.

Jigger & Pony is located at Amara Singapore, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539, p. +65 9621 1074. Open Tue-Sun 4 pm-10.30pm. Closed Mon.

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This article first appeared in Nomads of the city.


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