Bangkok ranked # 1 of the best “working” cities in the world, Phuket # 10

Bangkok was ranked as the first city in the world for a “workation” – a coat rack combining work and vacation – with Phuket also ranking in the top 10. The two Thai destinations were ranked among the best cities in the world where people can. to surrender. a break from their office life and a vacation while actively working remotely.

(Assuming they can make it to Thailand at that time!)

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced the new investigation by Holidu, a German vacation search engine. The Labor Index assessed 150 cities around the world using a wide variety of measures. They factor in the costs of renting a one-bedroom apartment, the cost of a cocktail after a long day at work, Wi-Fi speeds, hours of sunshine each day, available leisure activities and more. .

Bangkok took first place in the survey based on variety of attractions and activities, affordable cost of living, high quality facilities, number of knowledgeable English speakers, and many international companies with offices in the area. city. Holidu recognized the financial and cultural benefits of working in a Thai city, saying Bangkok and Phuket offer an attractive balance of quality of life and affordability.

The TAT governor celebrated the accolades by saying the list represents the growing population of people working overseas, moving away from traditional work environments and looking for exciting places like Bangkok and Phuket to combine vacation and work.

“Having two Thai cities among the best work destinations in the world is a fantastic boost that indicates their immense popularity among those who choose to work abroad from their home. Of all the cities on offer, it’s really nice to know that so many people choose Bangkok and Phuket as their preferred place to work. ”

The TAT’s approval of the classification of people working remotely in Thai cities comes as Thailand reconsiders its laws and visa restrictions on remote workers or digital nomads, activities currently technically prohibited and existing in a legal gray area. But a digital nomadic visa was recently offered among several other new visa and immigration plans to help attract better-off long-term travelers to Thailand to help the country’s devastated tourism industry.

Click on, HERE to learn more about how to travel to Thailand during covid-19.


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