Bali delays reopening to international tourists

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Bali delays reopening of the country to vaccinated tourists due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno has suggested Bali reopen in July 2021 to vaccinated tourists. Unfortunately, due to the spike in COVID-19 cases on the popular island, the government has postponed this for the foreseeable future.

Uno said, “We are aiming for the end of July, beginning of August, but we just need to be aware of where we are in this recent peak. We will wait until the situation becomes more conductive.

Bali considers July reopening as vaccine rollout accelerates

The current situation in Bali

Bali has around 200 case per day. The Minister of Tourism wants to reduce cases to around 30 to 40 cases per day before the reopening. The Red Cross has warned that Indonesia is “on the brink of disaster” due to a rapid rise in COVID-19.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) said Indonesia needs a rapid increase in tests, vaccinations and medical care to cope with the increase in cases. The new variant is overwhelming hospitals in Jakarta and the limited oxygen supply is being tested.

The IFRC chief said: “We need lightning-fast global action to ensure that countries like Indonesia have access to vaccines to prevent tens of thousands of deaths. Unfortunately, immunization levels remain low across the country. Indonesia has only fully vaccinated about 5 percent of its population. This equates to about 13.1 million people, which is barely more than the population of Jakarta.

The Balinese government has vaccinated 71% of its population so far. The Indonesian government has prioritized Bali as a vaccination hub because of its economic importance. More than 6.3 million international tourists entered Bali in 2019, adding a significant amount of GDP to the Indonesian economy.

tourists surfing on Bali beach

Bali’s most popular tourist attractions and beaches remain open. Department stores, restaurants and shopping centers remain open but with limited capacity and opening hours. There is a curfew on the premises that open after 10 p.m., and strict mask-wearing policies and social distancing laws are in place.

Ubud swing

Current entry requirements

Bali is heavily dependent on the tourism industry. Therefore, the island briefly opened up to some – although very few – visitors in the pandemic with restrictions. In contrast, the majority of Southeast Asia has remained closed to non-nationals and non-essential travel.

Indonesia has ceased international tourist trips since the start of the pandemic. The government has banned tourists from visiting Bali, but the country allows the following people to enter Bali:

  • Indonesian nationals
  • Passengers with a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit.
  • Certain passengers who have a temporary resident visa
  • Passengers with a diplomatic service visa
  • Passengers traveling under the TCA agreement

Some digital nomads have found ways to enter the country. Yet, for the most part, authorities have shut down the island and Bali continues to suffer dire economic consequences.

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The economic situation

The dire economic consequences of the Bali border closure are prompting Indonesia to open the island as soon as possible. There have been rumors and speculation since the summer of 2020 that the island will reopen completely. However, whenever the island is about to reopen, they push the date back due to the increase in cases.

Ubud hiking

Domestic travel to Bali has remained open throughout the pandemic, but that has not replaced the loss of income due to foreign tourists. The pandemic has affected over 94% of the Balinese workforce and the pandemic has forced 28% of businesses to close.


The Delta variant causes serious problems in Bali. The island is due to reopen this year, or thousands of businesses will disappear. If Bali wants to reduce cases to 30-40 per day before opening, it could be Several months longer before Bali reopens its borders.

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