Asia’s first TRIBE hotel set to debut in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

TRIBE Phnom Penh Post Office Square will open in February 2022, bringing eye-catching style and contemporary functionality to Wonderland.

PHNOM PENH – TRIBE, part of Ennismore, a global collective of lifestyle brands, is about to open the doors of its first hotel in Southeast Asia. The 260 rooms TRIBE Phnom Penh Post Square will open in February 2022, bringing bold design to the hotel scene in Cambodia and the wider region as the first TRIBE branded hotel in Asia.

Born in Australia in 2017, as the vision of Mark and Melissa Peters, the TRIBE hotel brand was created in response to the realization that today more than ever, travelers are looking for designer hotels at affordable prices. Defined by how people want to live and travel, TRIBE focuses on the things that really matter: smart, functional, design-driven hotels that give guests everything they need and nothing else.

TRIBE Phnom Penh Post Office Square will feature a unique restaurant concept, an urban social center, a training workshop and an outdoor saltwater swimming pool overlooking the Mekong River. Really good coffee will be served by the baristas throughout the day in expertly organized and extremely functional spaces. Commuters can expect a fun and distinctly modern environment where guests and local neighbors can relax with colleagues and friends or just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

The hotel’s rooftop restaurant, Hemisphere, will provide a vibrant and energetic setting in the ever-changing city of Phnom Penh, bringing a modern dining experience that is authentic in approach and delivery. The 360 ​​degree restaurant and bar offers tasty and dynamic menus with exclusive plates mixing Khmer spices. The hemisphere is open to everyone and is poised to become the hub of the Post Office Square neighborhood, with locals invited to stop for prepared drinks and tasty food.

Get things started, but also get them done. All digital nomads are welcome in TRIBE’s flexible coworking space in the heart of Phnom Penh. A place where people come to live, not just to work, which allows them to grow and connect with a community of like-minded people. A place open to all, TRIBE will offer the ideal territory to create opportunities, to connect and to be an entrepreneur.

The 260 smart rooms combine style and comfort, with the latest technology in a friendly and welcoming space. The simplicity approach, complemented by the democratization of good design, is present in rooms with exclusive bed and amenities, high quality linens, clothes steamers, rainfall showers, signature bathrobes and Nespresso coffee machines.

We are incredibly happy to count the days until the opening of TRIBE Phnom Penh Post Office Square“, said Francois Leclerc, Brand Assistant COO. “We know that the stylish and affordable offerings at this unique lifestyle hotel will appeal to locals and visitors to the Kingdom’s vibrant capital alike. TRIBE aims to reshape the traditional hotel experience into something that allows people to stay, work and socialize in a contemporary environment. It’s a concept with enormous potential in South East Asia, and it made perfect sense to open our first address in Cambodia – a country with significant potential as a leading tourist hub.”.

TRIBU is part of Ennismore, a creative hospitality company rooted in culture and community, with a global collective of entrepreneurial brands founded by founders with one goal at heart. Ennismore is a joint venture with Accor, formed in 2021. TRIBE addresses are expected to arrive in Bali, Phuket, Manila and Singapore in the coming months, with TRIBE Phnom Penh Post Office Square being the first hotel to open in South East Asia.

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