Another EU country to introduce digital nomad visa


Romania will join the list of European countries and launch the Digital Nomad Visa, the Romanian Senate having voted in favor of the implementation of such a program.

Through this program, citizens of other countries interested in independent jobs of time and place, mainly engaged in specific fields such as technology, marketing or finance, would be allowed to work in Romania, reports .

In this regard, a member of the Chamber of Deputies and instigator of the bill, Diana Buzoianu, stressed that such a program would help to develop the economic sector of the country, as Romania Insider reports.

“This legal initiative was developed after months of work in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, as well as with experts working with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . I started the project because I was confident that it was a law through which financial resources can be attracted to Romania, as many other Member States have already done ”, asserted Buzoianu.

She stressed that now more than ever, a legal framework would be useful in attracting resources, adding that “I wish to offer Romania a 21st century legal instrument for these purposes. “

The high internet speed of the Balkan country and the low monthly rent for one bedroom apartments make it a very favorable place to work remotely.

Although several EU countries already offer such a visa, the requirements for obtaining one differ from country to country.

The process to obtain such a visa can take a little time, depending on the country in which the travelers decide to settle. While some countries may require applicants to submit their application through an embassy or in person at their offices, others may allow qualified individuals to apply online.

At present, the following European Union countries offer such programs; Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iceland, Germany and Spain.

As for non-EU states, the program is run and very popular in countries such as Costa Rica, Dubai, Georgia, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Antigua, Barbados, Australia, Mexico and Thailand.

The Digital Nomad Visa would attract around 2,000 people who would spend an average of € 2,000 per month in Romania, meaning that around € 50 million would be brought into the country’s economic sector.

The introduction of these visas in European Union countries as well as countries around the world has made the process of traveling while working more accessible and productive at the same time, helping travelers to visit and work in different countries. of the world.


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