An Israeli wanderer visited Iran and 109 other countries

Israeli global traveler Avi Gold says he has so far visited 109 different countries, including Iran and Pakistan.

In an interview with Ynet on Tuesday, Gold said his goal, set in 2010, was to visit every country on the planet.

He posts short videos of his travels on his Tiktok account. One of these videos is a visit to an Iranian village, however, the Israeli nomad has yet to count Iran among the countries he has visited.

“To calculate a country as a country I have visited, I have three rules,” he explained. “The first rule is to enter the country legally, the second is to stay there at least 72 hours and the third is to have good experiences. In Iran, I had only crossed the border in a small village and I didn’t really present my passport.”

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Avi Gold at a mosque in Iran near the Iraqi border

Avi Gold at a mosque in Iran near the Iraqi border

(Photo: Tik Tok)

Gold, who looks like a religious Jew, says he hides his identity in Kyiv or Paris, “but when I’m in Arab countries, I don’t hide my Jewish identity, there are more anti-Semitism in European countries than in Muslim countries,” he said.

“Before coming to Sudan, I had all the stereotypical thoughts about it,” he said. “It’s a country that has been defined as a terrorist state and an enemy state, so I hired a security guard to wait for me at the airport, but after a day there, I told the security guard and the guide that I would pay them what I promised, but I feel very confident and I don’t need it anymore”

“I was in Saudi Arabia two days after the king said he was inviting tourists to the country”, “I was tourist number 319 entering the country. I arrived with a foreign passport, but I didn’t did not hide my Israeli identity,” Gold said.

“I do all kinds of jobs while traveling like being a tour guide and stuff. I’m a minimalist, anyone who wants to travel the world has to be a minimalist, I have a small suitcase with everything I need. I am kind of a wanderer, although most of the time I sleep in fancy hotels,” he says.

Gold says he hasn’t decided on his next destination but will decide next week after returning to Israel.

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