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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: In the spirit of travel, we caught up with Loui Lim, a bona fide global nomad from the Genting Group Lim family, at the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 Spin-Off show in Bangkok for some wisdom and inspiration on the transformative power of travel.

Il Maestro Federico Fellini once said, “You have to live spherically – in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm – and things will come your way. With this in mind, we decided to prepare our June/July 2022 issue, excited about the prospect of being able to travel again soon, only to hit a mental block – the result of two years of working from home – realizing for the first time the impact of the pandemic and prolonged lockdowns on the imagination. I for one couldn’t even remember where I had placed my passport, or if it had expired (in fact, it had), let alone come up with any amazing travel stories, especially one that would capture Fellini’s ideals of “living spherically” and “childlike enthusiasm”.

But, luckily, the day was saved when an exclusive invitation from Louis Vuitton Malaysia arrived shortly afterwards for us to attend the Menswear Fall/Winter 2022 Spin-Off show in Bangkok, in memory of the most beloved designer in fashion, Virgil Abloh. , known for its Childhood ideologyand with it the opportunity to work on an exclusive with perhaps one of the world’s most seasoned travelers of all time, Genting offspring Loui Lim.

Arriving in Bangkok in style, with a set of Louis Vuitton luggage, Loui was an inspiration to behold; her daily outfit change, meticulously styled, a fashion show all on its own. For the rest of us, travel is a way of life, a luxury, even a job, while for Loui it is his identity and his second nature, the one that proved necessary for his work at Genting. As a third generation scion of the resort empire, Loui grew up knowing study, gambling, family affairs and personal life as a full on-going stage – flying a lot and settling in all corners of the world gave him an infinite wealth of knowledge to ply the resort business with unlimited creativity, properties being his canvases, which now span Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, Bahamas, Egypt and many more to come.

A regular figure on the entertainment and luxury circuits around the world, Loui grew up within an international social network of who’s who. One minute he was partying with the Hilton sisters in Vegas, the next paying homage to the dearly departed Virgil Abloh on the front row of the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall/Winter 2022 Spin-Off Show in Bangkok, with the owners of Iconsiam – no less . Trying to catch up with Loui on where he is, what he does, the company he works with has been both challenging and fun. That said, we are honored to have had the best of Loui who took the latest collection with him to the streets of Bangkok and photographed exclusively for his Augustman first digital coverage.

Although only two months have passed since we last met in Bangkok, I feel the need to ask you what you have been up to considering the length of your travels (I guess a lot). Please tell us the truth about Vegas.

(Laughs) It’s funny that you say this, but I’m in Las Vegas right now, planning the next expansion of Resorts World Las Vegas. We just celebrated the first anniversary, which is mind blowing to me as the past year seems to have gone by so quickly. We recently launched a vegan restaurant, Crossroads Kitchen, by the chef who founded Impossible Foods, and announced a new theatrical residency of David Blaine, arguably the best magician in the world today.

You talked about bringing a fresh perspective to Genting, introducing more lifestyle elements, and creating more meaningful experiences than just games and entertainment.

Closer to home, I am working on introducing more lifestyle concepts in Resorts World Genting that complement the beautiful lush jungles and make nature more accessible to KL city dwellers, providing a cool respite from the wet city. We have planned several nature trails along the Resorts World Awana Golf Course, as well as other outdoor dining options such as Ayu, which hosts an amazing poolside BBQ every weekend, and Awana Garden Hot Pot, a farm-to-table dining concept featuring fresh produce grown at the resort’s greenhouse. We plan to introduce even more food and beverage options, as well as the newly renovated Resorts World Awana hotel.

Describe the architectural project and the work of art/monument that inspired you the most.

I recently returned from Tokyo and had the chance to visit the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Ginza. The shimmering facade designed by Jun Aoki has an undulating water-like design inspired by Tokyo Bay and Louis Vuitton’s love of sea travel. I also draw a lot of inspiration from nature and love incorporate greenery and organic architectural forms into my projects.

Your favorite gallery/museum and why?

Having spent a lot of time in London studying architecture, I have always been inspired by the amazing museums and their exhibits, like the Olafur Eliasson exhibit at Tate Modern. I love Eliasson’s art because it is highly experiential and, at the same time, immerses the viewer in a way of looking at nature objectively and contemplating our responsibility in the face of growing global climate issues.

Describe the place and its people/culture that changed your perspective.

One place I’ve visited that isn’t itself a country or physical location is Burning Man, a temporary town that pops up in the Black Rock Desert just one week a year. While there were ethereal works of art, campsites, and performance halls, it was the community of Burning Man that made a deep impression on me. Here, like-minded people celebrated creativity, individuality and inclusiveness, and everything about Burning Man was created for your enjoyment through the generosity of people’s hearts.

“It gives me hope for humanity, where everyone is encouraged to be kind to one another, to treat each other as equals and to build an inspiring future together. Words are not enough to describe the experience what Burning Man represents.

Describe your favorite musical, cultural or concert performance.

I was lucky enough to attend Coachella this year, which has a more typical music festival setup, but is still very engaging and immersive. It was surreal to see so many talented Asian musical artists this year, and it was a defining moment for Asian representation on the world stage. Personally, my favorite artists were Louis the Child and the Martinez Brothers, who both have DJ residencies at Zouk Las Vegas.

They say the journey matters more than the destination. What has been the longest journey you’ve ever taken, and what eye-opening experiences have you discovered along the way?

Although not the longest trip I have taken, I have walked through the largest cave in the world, Son Doong in Vietnam. This cave is so large that it has its own ecosystem of underground rainforests, beaches and rivers, and huge, alien-looking rock formations.

“Exploring this cave took four days, and although the jungle conditions were damp and uncomfortable at times, I felt a sense of peace as I was disconnected from the world, yet felt inspired by the beautiful landscapes from another world.”

What are your favorite places for a quick escape from work?

I rarely take quick getaways, as I travel frequently for work or with family, but I love being by the ocean. Whether it’s walking barefoot along the beach and listening to the sound of the waves or sailing on a boat and being surrounded by the endless sea, I feel more relaxed when I see the ‘ocean.

Virgil Abloh made his mark destroying the stigma of streetwear and rewriting the code of luxury. What impression did his work leave on you?

Virgil was a visionary because he was able to see beauty where others couldn’t, drawing inspiration from childhood toys, his African heritage, American street culture and blending them to create portable works of art. Being able to think outside the box is such a valuable lesson in terms of growing your business as well as personal growth. As the first African-American designer appointed to head a major luxury fashion house, Virgil also challenged notions of racial representation.

“It’s essential for us to continue to push the boundaries of race, gender, and orientation as we grow as a society and become a kinder, more inclusive community.”

The Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 Spin-Off show in Bangkok, titled Louis Dream Housepaid tribute to Abloh’s fame Childhood ideology, which stresses the importance of preserving “the intact vision of a child, who is not yet affected by the preconceptions of society…to reset our pre-established perceptions and start from scratch where clothes are clothes and humans are humans.” Describe your best childhood moments and the important values ​​you still carry with you.

Wow, I think it’s important to stay optimistic even though we’ve been through some dark times lately, we can never lose hope. Which brings me to some of my fondest Christmas memories, as the whole family got together, feasted on a delicious Christmas dinner and, of course, the gifts! Even the Grinch ended up falling in love with Christmas, it just gives you all the cozy feelings inside!

Describe your Dream house.

My Dream house would have an oversized bed filled with feathers so I could roll over and sleep all day, a fully stocked kitchen with Japanese snacks, Netflix streaming on a gigantic movie screen, and a Doraemon-style portal to transport me to destinations in vacation anywhere in the world instantly.

Photography by Chee Wei; Styled by Colin Sim; Fall/Winter 2022 Ready-to-Wear & Bags by Louis Vuitton


To find out all about the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 Spin-Off show in Bangkok, pick up a copy of Augustman June/July 2022 issue, or read it on Magzter. Click below and watch the full show on Augustman:

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