Airbnb unveils search features and protections

As part of a redesign to offer more types of booking options in a more streamlined way, Airbnb debuts with this CEO Brian Chesky calls it “the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade.”

In a Wednesday, May 11 video presentation about the company’s summer 2022 release, Chesky noted that “like millions of other people, I don’t need to be back in the office five days a week,” in a nod to her January 18th. Twitter post that reads “As of today, I live on Airbnb. I will be staying in a different city or town every two weeks.

Chesky has been doing the rounds lately, proclaiming the end of the office as we know it for experiential remote work.

According to May 8 narrative in Time magazine, it allows employees to work from anywhere – including overseas for up to three months – and abolished location-based pay. And in Wednesday’s video, he showcased several innovations for the home-sharing platform aimed at improving the experience for digital nomads and vacationers, starting with its new design and new search features meant to bring in more searchers. directly to their ideal location.

Attendance categories

Delivering experiences in a better way is Airbnb’s categories feature, a new search feature that organizes roommates by location, architecture and more.

“For 25 years, the way you search for travel online has been the same,” Chesky said. “There is a big box. It’s a search box and you ask a question, where are you going? And so, the first problem is that you actually have to think of somewhere to go.

A sampling of new categories includes predefined searches such as “Countryside,” “World of Castles,” and Chesky’s personal favorite, simply titled “OMG.”

“We were trying to think of a name for this category, and the name OMG really sums it up because you have properties where you’re like, ‘I can’t believe this even exists,'” he said as it showed a Yellow Submarine house built in a New Zealand forest.

Design is another new category, this one comprising 20,000 homes designed by renowned architects or featured in design or architecture magazines.

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In addition to revamping search to inspire travelers with roommate categories they might never have thought of, the platform delves deeper into longer stays with the new Split Stays feature that appears when travelers search for long duration, conditioning stays in two houses in one experience.

Improvements for nomads

Airbnb is enhancing its offering with AirCover, a free suite of guest protections that guarantees reservations if hosts cancel within one month of arrival, as well as check-in protection in the event of inability to access a ownership and a “Get-What-You-Book” guarantee ensuring properties appear as advertised.

In all cases, customers will be offered equal or greater ownership – or a refund. It also has a 24-hour security line allowing guests who feel unsafe to access trained officers to handle such incidents.

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Reality of work from anywhere

Chesky told Time he thinks going to the office, as we know it, is a thing of the past.

“It’s a bit like an anachronistic form. It comes from a pre-digital era,” he said. “If the office didn’t exist, I like to ask, would we invent it? And if we invented it, what would it be used for?

He added: “The way to see the future is not to look at big banks and old companies. If you want to know what the future of the workplace looks like, look at startups, because startups have virtually no legacies. And young companies are flexible, they are mobile, they are a little more nomadic. I think this is probably what the workplace of the future will look like in 10 years.

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