After Croatia, Montenegro’s digital nomad visa is getting closer to reality

June 1, 2021 – The energy of the Croatian digital nomad visa is spreading across the region as the Montenegro digital nomad visa is in the works. reports that the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media has sent a public invitation to organizations, associations and individuals to get involved in the initial phase of preparing a program to attract digital nomads and encourage digital nomads. foreign investments in Montenegro until 2025.

According to the invitation published on May 27, consultations with the interested public in the initial phase of the Program will last 28 days from the date of publication of this invitation.

The invitation indicates, among other things, that priorities and challenges may be proposed in the consultation process regarding the conditions for defining the status of digital nomads and incentives for foreign investment, including other important topics that this program can cover.

As stated in the invitation, the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media will update all initiatives, proposals, suggestions and comments received and, after the consultation, a report with an overview of the participants in the consultation and overview of initiatives, proposals, suggestions and comments received. It will then be published on its website and e-administration portal and submitted to the consultation participants within seven days of the expiration of the aforementioned 28-day period.

“The Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media will consider and take into account all initiatives, proposals, suggestions and comments received during the preparation of the Program to Attract Digital Nomads and Encourage Foreign Investments in Montenegro until ‘in 2025,’ the ministry said. mentionned.

This is one of the most important steps in bringing digital nomads to Montenegro, which will be among the first countries to grant a visa to this group of tourists.

A digital nomad visa is a big chance for Montenegro

Several countries have already legally regulated the issue of visas for digital nomads. Estonia became the first country in the world to officially launch digital nomadic visas. Soon after, other countries like Barbados, Bermuda, Georgia, Anguilla, Cayman Islands, Dubai and Mauritius followed in Estonia’s footsteps. The initiative was first presented by Croatia from the surrounding countries, which most resembles Montenegro with its beaches and beautiful destinations for tourists.

One of those who realized in time that Montenegro is an ideal destination for digital nomads is Milovan Novakovic, CEO and partner of Colliers International. Novakovic and his team have taken the initiative with the government to approve digital nomadic visas as soon as possible. The team includes Dutch entrepreneur Jan de Jong, one of Croatia’s most deserving on the list of countries that approve digital nomadic visas. As they say, there will be the support of Estonia, which was the first country to legally regulate the visa.

Novakovic believes that Montenegro is a very suitable destination for digital nomads and has a satisfactory infrastructure. In this sense, it would therefore be necessary to introduce a one-year digital nomad visa and to harmonize the law on foreigners as well as the relevant regulations, all to create an appropriate legal framework that would favor the arrival of digital nomads. in Montenegro.

At the end of last year, he launched an initiative to position Montenegro as a popular new destination for digital nomads because, as he said earlier, a digital nomad visa would be of particular benefit to improve tourism and extend the season to a whole year.

“Covid-19 has also accelerated this industry, and more and more people around the world want to do their work remotely. Research predicts that by 2035 one billion people will be working“ remotely. ”If Montenegro regulates the visa program for digital nomads, a particular benefit would be to improve tourism and extend the season to the whole year. Digital nomads would no longer come to Montenegro for just a few weeks, but for at least a few months or a whole year, ”Novakovic said.

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