5th day of Zagreb Digital Nomadic Week and start of Ambassador program

June 26, 2021 – Back on the 5th day of Zagreb Digital Nomad Week and the first digital nomad ambassador!

Veronica Mulhall’s announcement as Ambassador of “Zagreb Digital Nomads” concluded on Friday the fifth day of “Digital Nomad Week”, where organizers Saltwater Nomads, Total Croatia News and the Zagreb Tourist Board presented the benefits, opportunities and possibilities. of the Croatian capital for remote digital nomad work, reports Jutarnji List.

In July, Veronica Mulhall will be the first Ambassador – a digital nomad who will work and live in Zagreb for a month.

“M to offer digital nomads,” said Petra Maršić Buljan of the Zagreb Tourist Board.

The Zagreb Digital Nomads Ambassador was preceded by three Digital Nomad Week panels which analyzed future labor market trends, digital nomads as a solution to labor market changes and Croatian policies to accept and deepen the global trends in teleworking.


José Alfonso Kusijanović

Before the panels, participants were treated to a talk by blogger and labor market researcher Albert Canigueral on the future of work.

“The future of work has three dimensions, the future of work itself, work and the accomplishment of tasks or company goals. Nomads are one of the solutions for the future of the workplace. work, and how far we have come in applying this way of working is illustrated, among other things, by the example of employers in the Swedish transport sector who have undertaken to regulate the work of truck drivers from their homes ” said Canigueral, recalling the thesis of the famous sociologist Peter Drucker that the fundamental question of the labor market is not to find answers to the demands that arise but to ask a key question of the labor market.

After the presentation of Canigueral, the first three panels of the closing day of the ‘Digital Nomad Week’ entitled ‘Sustainable and self-renewable destinations’ followed. Besides moderations from Ron Tardiff, the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld, the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Ana Hrnić, the author of numerous travel reports Anja Mutić and the tourism entrepreneur Daniel Lacko spoke about sustainability and self-renewal. touristic destination.


Ron Tardiff, one of the winners of the latest Dubrovnik Digital Nomads in Residence competition, discussed sustainable and regenerative destinations with a panel which included Martina Bienenfeld, CEO of the Zagreb Tourist Board. (Jose Alfonso Kusijanović)

Ana Hrnić pointed out that the tourist season in the pearl of Croatian tourism in Dubrovnik is currently under the strong influence of the consequences of last year of the coronavirus and the great restrictions of air traffic on tourism of Dubrovnik, which, has she warned, is an aerial destination. On the other hand, the director of Dubrovnik Tourism Board pointed out that 2019 was a record year in terms of visitors for Dubrovnik tourism.

“In 2019, we took the first steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of Dubrovnik tourism, limiting the number of cruise ship arrivals in the city’s port,” said Ana Hrnić. Martina Bienenfeld recalled that Zagreb’s tourist offer in 2020, in addition to COVID-19 and containment, was also facing a devastating earthquake.

“I must stress that we have not given up on our efforts to prove that we are still ‘alive’ as a tourist destination, and we have carried out many great projects and campaigns since the start of the pandemic. remind you that Zagreb has changed, and we are not giving up with new stories, new projects, highlighting some of the projects such as Pimp my Pump, Mali Zagreb and Triptych.When it comes to the sustainability of the tourist offer of the city, we are trying to prove that Zagreb is not only the capital of a beautiful tourist country but a great place to live and work ”, said Martina Bienenfeld.

DSCF3144.jpgTanja Polegubić, organizer of Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, moderated a panel comprised of Petra MarÅ¡ić Buljan from Zagreb Tourist Board, Paul Bradbury from Total Croatia News, Dalibor Kovačević from Raiffeisen Bank Hrvatska and Matthew Parsons from Skift. The theme was trends for the future of work and Croatia’s global position. (Jose Alfonso Kusijanović)

The first panel was followed by a conversation between “Digital Nomad Week” moderator Michael Freer and Mandy Fransz, founder of “Digital Leap” for digital transformation.

“I heard about Croatia as a digital nomad destination, I came here and was convinced that Croatia offers many events, but also opportunities for community development, which I consider the most important part of my work, ”said Mandy Fransz.

In the second panel, moderated by Tanja Polegubić from Saltwater Nomads, Petra Maršić Buljan from the Zagreb Tourist Board, Paul Bradbury, CEO of Total Croatia News, Editor-in-Chief of the Skift Portal Matthew Parsons and Dalibor Kovačević from Raiffeisenbank. This was followed by a presentation by Dean Kuchel, who introduced himself to the participants as an ambassador of the nomadic lifestyle.


Jan de Jong (Association of Digital Nomads), Nikolina Pejović (Hrvatski Telekom) and Tanja Polegubić (Saltwater Nomads). (Jose Alfonso Kusijanović)

The final panel of Day 5 included Jan de Jong, an entrepreneur who initiated the digital nomad visa in Croatia, Kristina Grbavac from audit firm KPMG, Branka Bajt Hrvatski Telekom and Hermes Arriaga Sierra from Impact Hub.

Asked by panel moderator Michael Freer on how he came up with the idea of ​​initiating the introduction of digital nomadic visas in our country, Jan de Jong said that when he first attended a Croatian tourism conference , he was faced with the question of how to make it a year round tourist destination. The answer to this last question, Jan de Jong, as he put it, was given in the texts by Paul Bradbury on the Total Croatia News portal.


In the third and final panel, moderated by Michael Greer, Branka Bajt from Hrvatski Telekom, Kristina Grbavac from KPMG, Jan de Jong from DNA Croatia and Hermes Arriaga Sierra from Impact Hub discussed DNA Croatia, politics and connection of a global community. (Jose Alfonso Kusijanović)

“In Paul’s texts, three words shone on me, digital nomadic tourism. Then I started to promote this concept in my public speeches, finding great support from the followers of my speeches, but, very soon after, almost all the mainstream media in the country, “said de Jong, revealing that afterwards. have received the support of the Croatian government, i.e. the Prime Minister’s office, for the development of digital nomad tourism. We managed, de Jong, to conclude that Croatia becomes one of the top ten countries in the world with a visa for digital nomads De Jong continues to implement his idea through the association DNA Croatia.


Paul Bradbury, CEO of Total Croatia News, talks to Dean Kuchel, who spoke about Community Building, and Israel’s Ambassador to Croatia, Ilan Mor. (Jose Alfonso Kusijanović)

“One of the objectives of the DNA Croatia association is to extend the visa of the current six-month residence permit for digital nomads. We also want to simplify the procedures concerning the taxation of digital nomads ”, announced Jan de Jong.

Meet one of Friday’s keynote speakers, Albert Cañigueral, one of Dubrovnik’s nomads in residence and recently appointed to head the Transparency and Open Data division of the Catalan government. Albert will focus on the topic of the day, the future of work.

Tourist Office Director Martina Bienenfeld on Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, Ryanair, Tourism in Pandemic

Want to be a Digital Nomad Ambassador from Zagreb and live in the city for a month between July and December?

For the latest news and features on digital nomads in Croatia, check out the dedicated TCN section.

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