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BALTIMORE, December 21, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “Places change and we keep a close eye on trends, changes and events that draw our attention to new destinations,” notes Sean keenan, editor-in-chief of International Living magazine. Each month, readers get the most up-to-date information on the best places to retire outside of the United States, including places that are simply becoming places of attention.

“In summary, we’re excited about El Salvador, less than three hours from the United States, with unspoiled landscapes, a tropical climate, and low and low costs. And it recently adopted bitcoin as legal tender.

Greece offers some of the best long-term visa options in the world, and with thousands of sunny Mediterranean islands to choose from, it’s very tempting.

“And the Czech Republic mixes Old World style with low costs and modern infrastructure. “

The new report looks at the joys offered by the three countries and why it is important to take note of them for the year ahead.

El Salvador

“A country that is in equilibrium just before it reaches mainstream popularity, El Salvador rejected the struggles of his past and emerged, confident and energetic, into a bright future, ”notes Keenan.

Recently, making headlines due to its adoption of bitcoin as legal tender, digital nomads first came for the novelty, but then stayed when they fell in love with what they found there – low.”

The smallest country of central America geographically, El Salvador offers 190 miles of coastline, teeming with warm sandy beaches that surfers consider some of the best in the world. But there is more than its beautiful coastline. With the cosmopolitan capital San Salvador, and an interior that includes volcanoes, hot springs, lakes, and waterfalls, this tiny country has a lot to offer those seeking unspoiled natural beauty.

“It’s a tropical, coastal, affordable paradise of swaying palm trees, pretty colonial villages, epic waves and exuberant locals… it’s less than a three hour flight from the United States. A civil war long took him away from expatriate radars, but the civil war ended in 1992, ”Keenan says. “Thirty years later, adventurous expats discover that El Salvador is exactly what they expect from a relocation destination. It won’t be long before the curious follow them, then the rest of the world. Come in now before it’s too late! “


Large, diverse and visually stunning, Greece offers an exciting mix of sunny islands, towering mountains, bustling cities and timeless traditions. The world’s first democracy, dating from the 5th century BC, Greece is enveloped in the warm embrace of the Aegean Sea, vibrant, welcoming and full of surprises.

“With some of the best long-term visa options in the world and one of the lowest cost of living scores in Europe, Greece Year after year, it is gaining ground as the destination of choice for expats, ”says Keenan.

“When your mind imagines life on a Mediterranean island, it is probably Greece that fills the screen. Crete and Corfu are two of the larger islands, and either is a great base for expats, given that the amenities and infrastructure of a thriving tourism industry are well established there.

“Others choose the rhythm of the city Athens, a capital dominated by the towering remains of ancient Greece itself. History and prehistory rub shoulders with all the amenities of a world-class city that proves popular with the connected digital nomad ensemble.

“Whatever option you wish to consider, close your eyes and imagine the dark Mediterranean wine and the hot Greek sun on your face. I bet you have already decided!”

the Czech Republic

Located in the heart of central Europe, the Czech Republic arguably provides one of the best expat opportunities in all Europe.

Its capital, Prague, is easily one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of the Old World on the European continent. Czechoslovakia at the time, and especially Prague, has never known the devastating bombardments that destroyed so many European cities during World War II. As such, the country and its cities still reflect much of their more than 1,000 year history.

For this reason, and due to the low cost of living compared to Western Europe and the United States, the Czech Republic and Prague, in particular, is increasingly becoming a haven for expats seeking an affordable lifestyle in a big city with all the amenities of modern living.

Obtaining a residence visa for the Czech Republic (good for one year and renewable) is relatively easy. With it, people can travel freely and easily within the European Union. Given the the Czech Republic central stalled location of the mainland, you can be in Dublin, Ireland, Where Oslo, Norway, as fast as Moscow Where Athens, Greece. A direct flight to the United States means the round trip across the Atlantic is as convenient as London, Paris, Where Frankfurt.

“Truly, a European hotspot for discerning expats, the Czech Republic is the inexpensive and breathtakingly beautiful option for those who want something different from the cocktail life on the beach, ”notes Keenan.

“The point is, it’s landlocked, but don’t put you off. Think instead of vast forests, beautifully preserved medieval walled towns, and the best ale in the world. Europe.

“Most visitors start with the splendid Baroque surroundings of the capital, Prague, but there is much more to see in the rural heart of the country. And every year more and more potential expats hear about it, explore it and fall in love with this Old World beauty. “

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