10 of the best countries for digital nomads

Digital nomads are people who work while traveling. These people work online; therefore, they can live in different countries as long as they have access to electricity, internet and other amenities. Being a digital nomad is interesting because one can accomplish one’s travel needs and at the same time earn a living.

The advantage of being a digital nomad is discovering new places all the time. However, some things affect the life of a digital nomad. One of them and a challenge for many is choosing a country to go to. When one chooses a good country, it affects things such as peace, cost of living, people, technology, living conditions, entertainment, and other crucial things for the life of a digital nomad. Here are the best countries to choose from.

ten Thailand

Thailand was ranked at the top of the list as the best for digital nomads. The country earns the ranking due to several factors. Thailand is a peaceful country in Asia, and peace means a better life. Additionally, the country has a considerably affordable cost of living for a digital nomad.

Another factor is that it is a party country with several islands, which gives a serene environment to work in. As the country has a stable internet and neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan, there are plenty of opportunities to travel. It’s a quiet area with amazing scenery and people.

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9 Indonesia

Located in Asia, Indonesia, and especially Bali has become the go-to place for many people. Not only digital nomads but also people looking for a place of retirement are moving to Bali. The main reason for this is that Bali is a quiet, peaceful and affordable region with amazing lush jungles, gorgeous beaches, strong internet connection and luxury villas.

Bali is the most attractive place for tourists in Indonesia. The region also has a good transport system which makes it easily accessible. The ease of obtaining a visa in the country goes a long way in making the country conducive to digital nomadism.

8 Vietnam

Although Vietnam is not a developed country, it still offers a great environment for digital nomads. The country is peaceful and very welcoming to foreigners, it has a low crime rate, good weather and it is easy to balance work and pleasure. Vietnam is also a country that has many untouched natural features, which makes it very attractive and calm.

The country is growing rapidly, with good infrastructure coming soon. It also has a very affordable lifestyle, which makes it ideal for a digital nomad. Food and adventure are things a digital nomad will enjoy in this country. It is estimated that one can live in a one bedroom apartment in the city and take care of food for just $420 a month.

seven Mexico

Many people don’t know enough about Mexico, but digital nomads have discovered enough and they love it. The country is very open to entrepreneurs and tourists. Mexico has good people and the country is doing very well economically.

One of the advantages of living in Mexico is the low cost of living. Another thing is great food and beautiful scenery. The best urban centers to choose from include Playa del Carmen, Mexico City, Tulum or Oaxaca.

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6 Iceland

Iceland is one of the most peaceful small countries but with a good economy. It has a tropical climate which can be cold, but the opportunities are good. Travelers don’t have to worry about the internet because it’s good. Moreover, Iceland has amazing landscapes that will give any digital nomad a good experience all year round.

The country has long-term visas for those working remotely; it’s a sweet way to live there. The people are also welcoming and the standard of living is also good.

5 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a low cost of living which will make life easier for a digital nomad. The country is full of green mountains, powdery sands and coral reefs that will always offer something new to see or experience.

It’s a good country for remote work because it has good people, amazing weather around 300°C. It is also easy to obtain a visa for the country and there are many attractions.

4 Estonia

Estonia is one of the countries offering e-residency. It is a small country with a digital nomad visa, which makes it easier for digital nomads to enter the country. Economically, the country is doing well and the cost of living is good.

Estonia is full of stunning medieval architecture that will impress any visitor. Other things include cultural events and food. It also has many other expats working for international companies.

3 Germany

Although Germany is a fairly developed country and the cost of living may be higher than the other countries listed here, it is a good place for a digital nomad. However, one must be prepared for a higher cost of living.

On the other hand, Germany is a well-developed country with amazing technology, infrastructure, transportation, internet, and business opportunities. There are many international companies in the country. Germany also has many attractive places to visit that will always interest visitors.

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2 Colombia

Colombia is the place to go for a digital nomad looking for a laid back hinterland with lots of untouched nature, good people and affordable living. The country is developing and therefore it has good internet, delicious food and friendly people. There are also many tourist attractions.

1 Serbia

Serbia is a country that will surprise many people on this list. However, the country is now offering free visas to people wishing to work remotely. It is one of the countries with the lowest cost of living in Europe. At the same time, it has developed cities like Belgrade and Novi Sad with excellent modern infrastructure and historic architecture, making it a good place for a digital nomad.

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