10 Best Countries For Remote Work That Offer Digital Nomad Visas

The world has rediscovered the joys of working from home, all because of the pandemic. Another way to look at it is that you don’t have to stay in one place too long – wherever you are, you can turn your desk into an office! So, if you are looking to move from one country to another, these are the best countries for remote work that you should head to. By Anouchka Goel

The pandemic has caused most of us to hunker down in our homes, confining our workplaces to our screens. As restrictions eased, many of us began to travel as a way to escape. Plus, taking our laptops meant we could log on to work anytime and anywhere, while bathing in lush green valleys and clear blue skies.

Travel, as it is, has become an important part of mental well-being and not just a leisure activity, and as far as remote workers are concerned, the advantage it has is that it does not don’t need to take a break to work. They can simply choose their bags, travel to their dream destinations and work, while indulging in local cuisine, exploring various cities and corners and living the best life. However, if you are a digital nomad looking to settle somewhere, these are the best countries for remote work. From affordable living costs to some of the friendliest places, these countries have it all!

Best Countries for Remote Work for Digital Nomads

The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands, including Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Aguilla, and others, are some of the best places for digital nomads. Although a little expensive, these countries offer a plethora of activities to do and experiences to acquire, which will not be possible elsewhere. And places like Saint Lucia offer affordable visas as well as accommodation options for up to one lakh in rupees, making them a decent option if you have a few extra bucks in the bank.


Among India’s favorite travel destinations, Thailand is also among the best countries for remote workers. From gourmet cuisine and affordable shopping to accommodation and plenty of islands and beaches to explore, Thailand is a comfortable country to live in. Moreover, the place is just a short flight from India, which means you can visit whenever you want!


Vietnam is another great country for remote work. With affordable housing, great WiFi, and cheap data, Vietnam is doing everything it can to attract remote workers to its many cities. And not only that – food and shopping are not too expensive, and most modern cities are equipped with all modern conveniences to ensure you live and work comfortably.


Indonesia, in particular Bali, is offering digital nomad visas to people, further incentivizing remote workers to travel (and settle) there. Bali, for years, has been among the favorite destinations of the people of India and the world. Its pristine beaches, delicious cuisine and stunning views attract people from all over, and the added experience of living there and immersing yourself in the local culture will only add to the memories.


Mexican cuisine is something that has been loved all over the world. And the country itself is a traveller’s delight. Additionally, you can live and work in Mexico as well, as the country is one of the best places in the world for remote workers! Besides cooking and beaches, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and spend your time traveling and living the good life – because isn’t that what it means to be a digital nomad?


If you’re looking to move somewhere in Europe, Germany is a great option for you, especially if you’re a digital nomad. The country has an incredible network, one of the best work-life balances and great pubs and hangouts. Moreover, the country is also culturally rich, making it an ideal destination to live and explore as a traveler.


A slightly unusual option on this list is Serbia, but it comes highly recommended. Serbia is an excellent example of low cost quality of life in Europe. And with free visas for digital nomads, there really isn’t much room for more convincing, is there?


An expat’s dream, Spain is brimming with gorgeous beaches, delicious seafood, and the most scenic sights. It is developed as a workplace for digital nomads, to bring people back to some of its remote villages, allowing you to live and work in a place that feels like a dream!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its laid-back vibe, tropical environment, and super fun beaches. Moreover, the country also offers digital nomad visas which you can opt for. What makes it one of the best countries for remote work is the fact that it offers tax-free income for remote workers. Isn’t it lucrative?


The beautiful island of Malta is a small country, with over 400 free public Wi-Fi hotspots, nationwide 5G and other great offers for those who choose to make it their remote work destination. That’s not all – indulge in the local gourmet cuisine or hit up modern bars and pubs for a taste of the best life, while exploring its scenic beauty and untouched landscapes!

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