10 best cities for vegans to visit in 2022

Veganism is gaining traction around the world as more and more people choose to remove animal products from their diets. Whether for health or humanitarian reasons, there is a growing demand for vegan restaurants in popular travel destinations. Apps like HappyCow are designed to help vegans find nearby restaurants that meet their dietary needs. An analysis by The Vegan Word looked at the number of vegan restaurants listed on HappyCow compared to the population of different cities around the world. These are the top 10 cities for vegans to visit based on this data and the number of vegan restaurants per 100,000 people.

ten Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ranked 10th on the list of best cities for vegans in 2022 is the largest city on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver. Located in beautiful British Columbia, Vancouver is a vibrant city with plenty of delicious dining options to suit every taste. Downtown, there are plenty of vegan restaurants to choose from, including MeeT on Main, Lotus Seed Vegan, The Naam, and Vegan Cave Café.

9 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal destination for vegan travelers exploring the United States. It might surprise travelers to find out how many dining options they have when looking for vegan restaurants in Atlanta. Café Sunflower Buckhead and Herban Fix are among the city’s top rated vegan establishments on Google. SluttyVegan ATL is a go-to place for vegan junk food while Tassili’s Raw Reality Café caters to vegans looking for a nutritious and healthy meal.

8 Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon is another US city that welcomes vegans. Not only do most of the city’s restaurants offer a hearty vegan menu, but Portland is home to the first-ever vegan mall. The Vegan Mini Strip Mall is a dream come true for vegan travelers who want to explore a mall where all clothing stores and food options are 100% vegan. Shop at The Herbivore Clothing Company before heading to Cultured Kindness Vegan Cheese Shop or lunch at Blossoming Lotus. For dinner, try Plant Based Papi or Epif, a restaurant serving South American vegan cuisine.

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seven Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands has a reputation for being a socially progressive country, and their stance on veganism is no exception. The capital, Amsterdam, is a haven for vegan foodies. For Japanese and Caribbean-style vegan cuisine, travelers can try TerraZen Centre. Vegan Junk Food Bar and Mooksha Vegan Soul Food are great choices for casual, casual dining. Hearth, Deer Mama, and SOIL Vegan Café – WEST are also popular places for vegan food in the city center.

6 Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton in the UK is often overlooked as a travel destination in favor of London, but for vegans it’s a great city to visit and enjoy the many restaurants with vegan options. The stunning coastal town has a beautiful beach and popular restaurants like Terre à Terre and Food for Friends, both serving creative global vegetarian cuisine. For a casual bar and vegan cuisine, try Beelzebab, The Vurger Co Brighton or Oowee Vegan.

5 Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a dream destination in Western Europe, and vegans can rejoice in the knowledge that they won’t have to compromise on dining options when visiting. Legumi Sushi Vegan is a great place for vegan sushi, and Jardim das Cerejas is a delicious spot for a buffet-style meal. For original meals and cocktails, travelers can try Kong – Food Made With Compassion.

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4 Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is a beautiful country with plenty for travelers to explore. It’s a fun destination for foodies, and luckily in Tel Aviv, even vegans can enjoy the local restaurants. Hummus dishes are a staple of the national cuisine, which is why many vegan establishments serve local dishes. Travelers can try Anastasia, 416 and Meshek Barzilay.

3 Phuket, Thailand

In the top three spots, the analysis revealed that three cities in Asia offer the best ratio of vegan restaurants per capita. Phuket, Thailand is a must-visit island destination for backpackers, and the food here is often vegan. Vegan Phuket, The Vegan Table and Reach are all restaurants serving fresh vegan dishes. There are also several vegetarian restaurants in Phuket including Loukthor Vegetarian Restaurant, Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant and Hesan Vegetarian Restaurant.

2 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia is an island paradise where digital nomads and honeymooners find a peaceful place to unwind. Part of Bali’s appeal, for many travelers, is the island’s holistic lifestyle. There are plenty of yoga studios, massage practitioners, and healthy restaurants to enjoy. Many restaurants in Ubud town cater to vegans. The Seeds of Life is a raw food restaurant, while Sayuri Healing Food is a vegan establishment serving entrees and desserts. To try authentic Indonesian cuisine with a vegan twist, travelers can visit Wulan Vegetarian Warung.

1 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand proves to be the go-to destination for vegan travellers, with another of its cities rounding out the top three spots. Chiang Mai in the north of the country is a budget city known for its picturesque temples and ethical elephant sanctuary. Vegan foodies will love Chiang Mai and can try restaurants like Goodsouls Kitchen, Vegan Heaven and Alchemy Vegan Café. For authentic vegetarian Thai cuisine, try Aum Vegetarian Restaurant or Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant.

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