1 Croatian digital nomad permit, 1 huge promotion

Steve Tsentserensky off the beaten path at the White Boar near Vinkovci with foreign veterans on Vukovar Remembrance Day

Feb. 23, 2022 – His one-year digital nomad license is about to expire, but Steve Tsentserensky’s phenomenal promotion of Croatia continues.

“Can you believe it? Someone is moving to Croatia after this article about me on CNBC.”

And that someone is not alone.

One of the first reactions to Croatia’s introduction of a digital nomad visa last year was the benefits it would actually bring to Croatia. One of the main side benefits, I answered, is a new army of enthusiastic promoters from their adopted country.

It was before I met Ohian Steve Tsentserenky, that Jan de Jong suggested I interview him as one of the first recipients of a digital nomad permit. Rather than interviewing Steve, he wrote his own story – Journey to Get the Croatian Digital Nomad Permit.

I first discovered Steve’s video work when I saw this amazing video of Zagreb, the city he came to love like no other.

And after almost a year of great promotion, it was nice that Zagreb said thank you in a meaningful way by making Steve the special guest ambassador for Zagreb Digital Nomad.


Because Steve’s promotion has been multifaceted and global.

The star of a series of articles on living abroad on CNBC, Steve’s three articles have been trending on the US news portal, and the videos have received significant views and even more engagement. impressive.

Over 320,000 views so far and over 1,000 comments on the first video. I’ve been with Steve on the streets of Zagreb when strangers walk up and ask if he’s the $47 guy. Locals and nomads. You can see his CNBC articles here.

With a keen eye for a good shot and a trusty drone to boot, I asked Steve in November if he would be interested in seeing eastern Croatia on a 6 day trip.

It was. And that’s how he saw it. How many places in this video can you name? You can read the advice in Time to Tell the Truth about Slavonia Full of Life.

The images he took were extraordinary, they are safe in the CROMADS archives and will be put to good use.

Steve has also offered to do the official CROMADS video, which is always a pleasure to watch.

Away from the camera, however, Steve has also been busy. One of the other great benefits nomads will bring to the next generation in Croatia is the mindset. While Croatian youth talk about emigration, here is an American talking to 7th graders in schools to explain why Croatia and not America. It’s drip feeding, but the more it happens, the more young minds will be positively influenced.

And of course, there is no digital nomad conference in the region without Steve as a panelist or speaker. I believe he has spoken at about 10 conferences over the past year, including internationally (in person in Montenegro and remotely in Bali), with further international appearances planned.

As he reluctantly prepares to leave as Croatian bureaucracy demands, a big thank you to Steve for all he has done for Croatia – and will continue to do. And we hope that the bureaucracy will become easier to promote champions like him – I know foreigners who have done much less who have received Croatian citizenship.

For more news and articles about digital nomads in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.

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